Eastlake Indoor Flea Market
34600 Lake Shore Blvd.
Eastlake, Ohio 44095
Vendor Agreement
This agreement is made on________between__________________________________ 
                                              Date                                    Vendor name
herein referred to as “Vendor”,  and  Eastlake Indoor Flea Market(E.I.F.M.).
  Vendor wishes to participate in Flea Market to be held at 34600 Lake Shore Blvd under the following terms and conditions:

SET UP   Set-up should, when ever possible, be completed before Business Operation Hours.
               This Can be scheduled with management. One or Two Day Vendors Must be Ready
                to leave at Business Close.
DURATION-EIFM will remain open during said hours. Sat 9A-6P Sunday 9A-5P All
               Vendors agree to remain operating until closing or make arrangements for their
ASSIGNED SPACES-Space is assigned on a  “first come first serve” basis.  No Reservations
                 without payment!  Once assigned, Vendor agrees to stay in assigned space.
     Space size Varies!
PAYMENT –Rent is paid every week! No Exceptions! Cash or check up front made payable to
     Eastlake Indoor Flea Market. $30  Fee for checks returned NSF.
                 NOTE:Failure of resident vendors to pay will result in eviction, and added fees to
                 balance outstanding at $5 per weekend
LIABILITY-Eastlake Indoor Flea Market is not responsible for theft or damage.  There is no
                    liability! Written or implied!  Vendor is responsible for their merchandise entire
                    and for their personnel. All personnel who work in your booth as your agent must
                    be named on the contract!
APPEARANCE-Exhibit must be neat and clean. This includes Vacuuming. Merchandise must
                     be marked. Vendor displays must fit in assigned space!
MERCHANDISE LIMITATIONS/EXCLUSIONS-No Adult Content, Porn, Paraphernalia  
  No Firearms, No Fireworks No Open Flames, Candles, and or Incense
  No Animals-Only service animals are permitted in the building
PARKING-Vendors must park on the far side of the parking lot to allow parking for shoppers.                                          
RULES. The Eastlake Indoor Flea Market is family orientated. - No offensive language will be tolerated No alcoholic beverages in or on the premises during Business Hours. Please limit plug-ins to 2-3.We reserve the right to refuse, and or evict without refund on this basis.  Children must be attended! A Complete Copy of the rules is given with this agreement and Rules are posted in the Flea Market.
Vendor Signature____________________                2nd Vendor                                               __          

This is a legal and binding contract and by signing, Vendor agrees to all terms of agreement. 

Vendor Address_______________________________
___________________________________________Email                                                        _
Phone Number______________________________Cell__________________________________
Abandoned Merchandise becomes the property of EIFM after 60 days.________Initial
I have received a copy of the Flea Market Rules.______.Initial

Flea Market Rules
1. No Alcohol in or on the premises during business hours.
2. Rent is to be paid every week.  No Exceptions! If there is a concern or problem
    please see Lindy
3. Merchandise must fit into assigned space.  Spaces must be kept neat and clean,
   including vacuuming .All merchandise must marked!
4. Flea Market operates from 9A-6P Saturday, 9A-5P Sunday. We have made an
    appointment to the public. They expect us to be here.  If you cannot be here-you
    must make arrangements with someone to watch your merchandise.  These
    arrangements are your responsibility. Kindly Note: Nobody sells your stuff better
    than you! Anyone who works in your booth, as your agent, must be on the
    contract! Insurance and Legalities stipulate this. Phone numbers and contact info
    for all personnel is required.  Be sure that management has this updated info.
5. Please limit your plug-ins to 2 or 3.  There are plenty of places to test lamps and
6. Thermostat boxes must be accessible and not blocked at all times.
7. Please do not leave left over food, half full cups of liquid, and trash everywhere.
    Please! Clean up after yourself. Do not throw cups or anything containing liquid in
    the garbage..empty it first .
8. All aisle ways must be 5 ft! MUST BE!
9. Rear Exit Doors CAN NOT BE BLOCKED! 
10.Community Spots that are Holiday themed or otherwise are at Managements
11. Do Not Throw Trash in the Dumpsters!  They are not owned by us!
     Trash is not to be deposited at the rear of the Flea Market.   If you brought it-
     please take it. Be considerate. Anything left by, or outside the back doors will be
     thrown out.
12. Any Problems, Concerns, Suggestions should be brought to Lindy.
13. Anyone inquiring about spaces should be directed to Lindy.
14.  Restrooms are PUBLIC. They are not for storage. Do Not Leave Personal Items
      in the bathroom.
15. Please Watch Your Language!  We are trying to project a Family Atmosphere!
  We are here to make money! This is a place of business and we are competing with Target and Walmart. We need Professionalism at all times. Customer Service is Acknowledging customers when they come in the door, and paying attention to them. Answering questions, is what gets your sales, and is also LOSS PREVENTION! I am usually in the Flea Market on Tuesdays, and available at other times as well for you to come in and work on your booth, change out merchandise, Etc. Please Call me for scheduling.  440-975-1911

This is a copy of our vendor agreement.  Copy and paste to print out or stop in and fill one out in person!
Eastlake Indoor Flea Market
34600 Lakeshore Blvd.
Eastlake, Ohio 44095