2nd  Dimension
  2-D lies between the Iron core crystal and the crust.  The keepers of this dimension are the Elementals and this is known as the Telluric Realm and expresses inner earth forces. The Elementals engage us by resonating in our bodies. These Elementals are Radioactive particles, Chemical, Minerals, Viral and Bacterial Intelligences. They are alive. Just like in 1D our blood resonates with the Earth, so is this concept so strange?  Barbara cites in her book that Adolf Hitler had theories about the inner Earth and Genetics and tried to take over the world based on these theories!  YIKES!
  It is interesting to note that most people think that 2D is a dead world! Far from it!  This dimension is the denser world of minerals and microbes.  They all exist in the 3D world as well but not as dense or intense. Acutally a brilliant twentieth century scientist-Thomas Gold has found that 2D is populated with living creatures that have also been found in ocean vents and rifts in volcanoes. Gold says that "Our surface life is the descendent of life deep within the Earth".
  2D has been mined and exploited and processed for the needs of 3D for a very long time now.(OIL and other things) 2D is the source of life and..."Harmonizing with it heals and enlivens the surface" as Barbara Hand-Clow cites.
  When we bring 2D Frequency into our bodies-we can heal ourselves on the cellular level-DNA REPAIR! We all vibrate most of the time harmoniously with 2D and that is why we exist in 3D-physically! Trees exist in 2D and 3D& 4D at the same time.  That is why they work so well when you need to be grounded and you hug one!
  So this denser world of micorbes and minerals actually is slower than our breath, and will regulate the autonomic body processes. Our health is contingent upon harmonizing with 2D!  When actually journeying to 2D you can command all viruses and bacteria to leave your body and stay in 2D. It takes some practice to vibrate there but once mastered it can prove very useful for ridding your body of disease.
  Now years ago people knew about 2D and the power it had.  These people intentionally aligned with them by use of Geomancy.  Geomancy is the art of working with the powers of Gaia to harmonize ourselves with the Earth's Frequencies.    The ability to relate to the consciousness of the Telluric Realm is an ancient art known as "Alchemy".
  Alchemy is the art of understanding resonance and correspondences between dimensions. 
  All over the UK and Europe-The Churchs have built on Ley Lines  and Ancient Power Places .They did not want anyone to know much less experience that Power! Now that is just wrong!  The church actually taught people to fear 2D with reference to the Hell that resides in the underworld.  HogWash-That way no one could find out about the Power.  Anything that is brought from or used from 2D and misused in 3D usually erupts in disastrous consequences.  How about Oil from the Earth and our Global Warming? Food for thought! Whenever too many humans misuse and overuse the Earth-2D will cause a "Major meltdown". the people or the people or the atmosphere will be sick. (The Great Plagues during the Middle ages and the Renaissance were the direct response of 2D to the Inquisition) However the inbalance created can be reversed if people take back their spiritual power!
  The Global Elite is trying to control 2D to control the world!  This is currently in our lives when we visit a gas pump.  Think about that!  This is stuff from 4D so I won't go any further on that.  See you in 3D!

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The Book-"Alchemy Of The Nine Dimensions"- By Barbara Hand-Clow is where all this info has come from. The book is on the shelf in the store for $16.95 and is a wealth of information.

  These pages are just a little teaser and this information is presented in a more thorough format in our Witch School Program as well.

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